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            Cheer for Puyuan!

            Author: ComeFrom: Date:2016-01-28 11:42:17 Hits:2122

            Under the leadership of the chairman Lin Cheng pu yuan success will develop into another peak for 

            vacuum coating equipment.

            Make the pu yuan to become a domestic leading supplier of vacuum coating engineering integration, 

            closely around customer needs continuous innovation, to create maximum value for customers.

            We are global with opening up and cooperation, in the new energy and new materials, construction/car, 

            precision manufacturing, heavy industry, military industry in areas such as building technology 

            and service advantages.

            We are committed to for enterprises, research institutes, thin-film coating processing center, 

            provide competitive integrated solutions and services.

            The company's main products are: continuous magnetron sputtering coating production line

            plane arc die hard coating equipment

            multifunctional intermediate frequency magnetron sputtering arc more composite ion coating machine, 

            intermediate frequency magnetron sputtering coating machine, multi arc ion coating machine, 

            optical coating machinehigh precision cables Beam coating machine, coiling coating machine, 

            lamp is special transparent protective film resistor evaporating &coating equipment, tools, 

            dedicated much of arc ion plating vacuum coating equipment,

            no medium independent film resistor evaporation vacuum coating equipment, 

            such as multi-functional coating machine series vacuum coating equipment.

            Products are widely used for solar energy, semiconductor, low-e glass, photoelectric, 

            flat-panel display, clocks and watches, metal stamping, 3 c products, plastic, ceramic, etc.

            Our company owns the perfect development system, manufacturing system and 

            customer service system, and hired a number of well-known experts at home and abroad.

            At present, the products all over the country and overseas, the technology is applied to 

            hundreds of customers. 

            Company is value realization and value promotion platform, the staff is committed to 

            providing customers with the best quality the most environmentally friendly surface treatment solution, 

            further integration of the company internal and external resources, increase investment in research 

            and development, continuously introduce new technologies, new products, to meet the domestic 

            and foreign markets requirements, create the best social, economic and environmental benefits.

            The main products: vacuum coating machine;Vacuum coating equipment;Vacuum plating equipment;

            Vacuum plating machine;Vacuum evaporation coating machine;Multi arc ion coating machine;

            Vacuum silver plating equipment;Vacuum aluminum plating equipment;

            Glass vacuum coating equipment;The vacuum plating titanium equipment;

            Magnetron sputtering coating equipment;vacuum plating machine;

            Advanced vacuum coating machine;Vacuum optical coating machine;

            Metal vacuum coating machine;High precision ron beam coating machine;

            Coiling coating machine;Light special transparent protective film resistance evaporation 

            coating equipment;

            Tool dedicated much of arc ion plating vacuum coating equipment;

            No media independent the membrane resistance evaporation vacuum coating.

            Looking forward to both domestic and foreign clients to visit our factory.

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            Kun Shan Puyuan Vacuum Technology Engineering Co.,ltd Copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved
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